Sunday, March 16, 2014

Extending Service Request Form - Part 2 (Extending SR Form)

Extending Service Request Form Series
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Extending Service Request Form - Part 2 (Extending SR Form)
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From the previous post Extending Service Request Form - Part 1 (Extending SR Class), we have gone through on how can we extend the Class of Service Request. The next that we going to do is to extend the Service Request form, which we will cover in this post.

1. Go to the Form Browser. you have to locate the out-of-box SR Form. Search with keyword servicerequestform. Right-click the form and select View.

2. At the Management Pack Explorer, right-click the form and select Extend Class.

3. At the result pane where to form loaded, click Customize.

4. From the Form Customization Toolbox, drag the Tab Item to create a new tab in the SR Form.

5. A new tab item is now available with a black page.

 6. Drag the rest of the needed items. In this scenario, we are going to use both Label and List Picker.

7. For each Label you have place in the form, rename it to a friendly name for each.

8. And for the List Picker, we have to bind thins list to each Class we have extended earlier. Right-click the List Picker and select Edit Binding Path.

9. At the Details page, select to bind the path.

 10. Select the Class that reflect the List Picker. We have to repeat step 8 to 10 for each List Picker.

On we have all these done, we are now ready to work on the Management Pack coding. Of Course the first think, DO NOT FORGET TO SAVE THE MP. As for this time we are NOT going to SEAL the MP first. A long way of code needed to be alter which will be covered next post.

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