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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How-To: NIC Teaming with Windows Server 8 Developer Preview

NIC teaming are now bundle with Microsoft Windows Server 8. With this exciting bundle, IT engineer will no longer suffer in configuring teaming software which proprietary to hardware vendors most occasions. AND this also means the NIC teaming of Windows Server 8 is applicable to NIC of diferrent manufacturers.

Jut got a little time to test out how does this work. Thanks to Noel i got my chance to get my hands on the a pair of CISCO UCS C series, and these server are as shown below
Figure 1: CISCO UCS C-Series Rackmount
My setup was having 2 x NIC of the server connects to my home router, a very common Belkin ADSL router. And here goes the configuration steps :-

1. Click Start and select Server Manager.
2. Click Disable at the NIC Teaming.
Figure 2: NIC Teaming at Server Manager pane
3. Click OK at Manager Servers window.
Figure 3: Managed Servers
 4. Select HV2 (or the server you are about to configure) and notice that there are 2 x NIC present.
Figure 4: NIC Teaming window
 5. The diagram below shows my NICs speed. 100Mbps... =(
Figure 5: NIC Speed
 6. Click Tasks and select New Team.
Figure 6: Teams pane
 7. Type in prefer Team Name and Team Interface Name. Select the NICs you want to team.
Figure 7: Add Team
 8. Select Advanced on the left pane and select Switch Independent for Teaming Mode and Address Hash for Load Distribution Mode. Click Apply.
Figure 8: Add Team (advanced)
 9. New teamed NIC created.
Figure 9: NIC Teaming
 10. Check the created NIC.